October 14, 2011

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog. Oh boy, just writing this makes my hands get sweaty and the butterflies in my tummy go into overdrive.

I’m a complete novice when it comes to blogging and the thought of me doing this seems very daunting. I figure, since I love,love to talk and tell stories about anything and everything( just ask my mom, I never shut up)…this would be a good outlet.

I started working on this blog after reading a bunch of books(for dummies,anyone?) about blogging and how to set one up. Thank heaven, for my techie husband without him I would have had the odd minor and, in one instance, major meltdown. Thanks to him, disaster was averted and after playing around with the design (which was lots of fun – thank you, WordPress) I started writing my first post.

It was just a first try to make the site look less empty. That post – Pumpkin Spice…and everything nice- was not so hard to write. The ones that followed ( and is going to be posted starting Monday) took a little more time and thought. And as much as I’m freaking out (inside my head) right now, I’m also very excited to share my story,my life and my thoughts.

Some of my posts will be about my upbringing in Germany, some about my life here in America,and some about my kids and family. A bit of everything…anything that catches my fancy, pretty much.

I hope, that you will find something that catches your interest and if not, thanks for stopping by and checking it out!!! I appreciate it.


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