No Nap For Me

October 20, 2011

Another day without a nap for little one–another day without my 2 hour quiet-time. This has been going on for about two weeks now, my youngest just refuses to take a nap. I put her down, sing her the requisite amount of lullabies and  she promises me she will be a good little girl and sleep. Ha Ha. Very funny. Instead of sleeping, she gets up and goes to the bathroom– just one more time. And so it goes…Finally, it’s quiet, too quiet–I go, and check on her, very slowly and carefully opening the door, just in case she is asleep. Ha, fat chance of that. I don’t see her in her bed, instead, she’s playing with her dolls in the dollhouse. Hello? This is not taking a nap in my book.

So, what’s a mom to do? I know, she will most likely sleep in the car on the way to picking up her siblings from school. She’ll get about 30-40 minutes of shut-eye. It seems to be enough, she hasn’t had a major melt-down and goes to sleep pretty easy at night.

I think, I’m going to let it go for now…as long as she sleeps in the car and isn’t turning into a monster there is no reason to force her and make both of us miserable. The days that I insisted she sleep it was a struggle –her trying to be sneaky, me yelling at her when I checked on her every ten minutes. Then she would finally pass out and it would be time to wake her up–and oh boy, would I regret that. The fussing and crying would not end and result in a big headache for me.

I get much more done this way than if I was wasting time running up and down the stairs, tucking her in, yet again. Today, she helped me “clean” the porch and sliding doors. And we both enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunshine and most of all each other!!!

Any other suggestions? Do you think I should force it or leave it be if it is working for us?

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