No Tricks, but lots of Treats!!!

November 1, 2011

This is my gang before Trick or Treating. Aren’t they just the cutest??? We had an Army Ranger (” I’m not just a soldier, mom!”), a Candy Corn Witch(not to be confused with a candy cane, duh!) and a Barbie Cheerleader (“Go team!”) this year. It was the first year my three-year-old could really understand and enjoy Halloween. I don’t think we’ve had this much fun in a while. As the kids get older they tend to race ahead and hang out with their friends instead of mom and dad. So, it definitely was a lot of fun going around the block with our Barbie Cheerleader. We also had another first, the first Halloween for my beautiful niece, she was a cute little pumpkin and after the first few houses, she fell fast asleep in the stroller and “enjoyed” a nice evening walk with her family!!! All in all, I’d say, we had a wonderful Halloween. The kids made out like bandits and couldn’t wait to show of their loot, which will soon be disappearing, slowly but surely…


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