Temper Temper

November 8, 2011

I really don’t mean to lose my temper. I don’t like it when the crazy woman comes out. But can I help it when my three monsters, I mean angels, do everything in their power to make it happen? It tends to happen more often when daddy is out of the house and they think they can get away with murder. Like tonight, it’s his usual Tuesday Trivia Night.

I was still busy cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and asked my older two to help their little sister get in the tub and supervise. Little Miss Attitude decides to be difficult and ignore their repeated requests to get in the tub. So, as I’m cleaning dishes and straighten up I can hear them try to coax her into the tub, with little sing-song voices.- ” Come on, let’s get in the tub. Who is a good little girl?” – And coax her, and coax her, and coax her some more…Mind you, the whole time I’m listening, I never heard them start the water, or put out her bath toys.

Meanwhile, I’m downstairs and  I can start the blood begin to boil and my eyes to glaze over in a haze of red…crazy woman is about to come out. But I try to resist, take a few calming breath and continue to clean. ” I’ll give them a couple more minutes ” , I think to myself as I wipe down the table ( which is strangely soothing). But mere seconds later I can’t take it anymore…one more “Come on, let’s get in the tub ” and she’s out, crazy woman, that is. She even scares me sometimes! ( The color I get in my face usually matches my hair…and that’s red more often than not.)

So, I race up the stairs with my hair standing on end and ask in my best “mommy is mad” voice what is going on and why isn’t youngest daughter in the tub, yet? I admit it, I am a yeller. The sight that greets me leaves me at a loss for words. My oldest is standing against the wall with one of his Nerf guns slung over his shoulder like he’s on patrol, middle daughter is leaning against the counter admiring herself in the mirror ( as she so often does – she is very cute! ) and youngest daughter is still fully clothed sitting on the closed toilet. I could not see any bath taking place.

Ok, so now I’ve had it…I send the older two to their rooms to think about what made mommy mad and how they can best worm their way back into my good graces. I get the bath going, after yanking the curtain open with a little more force than necessary, it had it coming after all and proceeded to give my little diva her bath. While shampooing her hair and talking to her it occurred to me that my little monsters were smart indeed. Didn’t they accomplish just what they wanted?

By wasting time and lollygagging and doing it at the top of their lungs, so I was sure to hear it, they got out of the dreaded chore of giving their little sister a bath and back to the things that they wanted to do.  So what if mommy gets a little mad? In the big scheme of things it just doesn’t matter.

When was your last “aha” moment regarding your kids or even your pets? ( They are sneaky just the same !!!)


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