The Right Choice

December 1, 2011

At the end of the last school year, hubby and I decided to put the kids in private school. We’ve had some issues regarding middle daughter and just didn’t like or agree with where the school administration was going. I want to make a point and say that I really had no issues with any of their teachers. As a matter of fact, middle daughter’s teachers were absolutely fantastic.

But in Florida and elsewhere in US the public school system was and still is undergoing changes that I believe, affect our children and the teachers, negatively. Because of those changes, the teachers are more stressed out and students are being “taught to the test” because of the importance put on standardized testing in public schools.

The other morning I was out for my usual morning walk with the pooches and was stopped by not one, but two moms from the kids’ old school. Both conversations started out by them asking me how the kids were doing at their new (private) school. I told them that they were thriving and doing very well. They both love going to school (not something I would have imagined my son ever saying) and so far have had a great school year. There are different issues we deal with going to private school but academically both of the kids are doing fantastic.

Well, they (the moms) were happy to hear it but both told me things weren’t going so great for their kids. They were not happy with the way things are going at the school. And told me about the things they were dealing with. Just hearing them talk that way made me realize how very lucky we are to be able to put our kids in private school and choose another option for them. Unfortunately, it’s not an option for everyone. I feel, that both these conversations re-enforced our choice to make a change.

But more importantly, I know, as a mom that the choice we made was the right one because both my children are so much happier and truly enjoy going to school. I haven’t had any of those mornings where all I hear is crumbling and dragging feet and tears because they just don’t want to go. So, as much as it made me feel validated hearing the two moms tell me what’s going on at the old school, the smiles on my children’s faces and the progress they have made this year are so much more important to me.

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