What a day… and some fill ins

July 7, 2012

It’s still Friday, barely, but until that clock strikes midnight it is and I’ll have enough time to finish up my fill ins for today.

It is also finally, blessedly quiet. I had so much planned and feel like I got nothing done.

Where did the day go? No, don’t answer that. Just a rhetorical question. It was a busy one alright.

Hubby worked out of the house part of the morning. For some reason when he’s here I never get as much done as when he’s out of the house right after breakfast. But what’s a good wife to do when her husband surprises her with a ticket to a blog conference? So excited. I’m going to Central Florida Blog Con in Orlando in September.

And as he sat there doing his research today sniffling and coughing and generally feeling miserable I made him lunch before sending him on his merry way.

Then, the almost daily nap time battle. Little One is giving me an awful time about her naps. It’s hit and miss, some days the magic works and others… not so much. Today, I lost… In between running up to her room every few minutes, I managed to get some cleaning done. I’m amazed at the dirt  things that were stuck between the couch cushions. Good thing my vacuum was up to the job!

After my cleaning streak I was hot and sweaty so I took the time and got my 20 minute swim in… It’s always a great time to recharge for me.

When nap time was officially over and the cleaning done, it was time to pick up the kids from their last day of camp… yes, you read that right, it was their last day. They went to camp for a month and now will be home the rest of the summer. Lots of pool time in store for me…

Pick up turned into drop off at one friends house, pick up at another friends house and a sleep over. Middle and her new friend from camp are fast asleep. The Boy is home from his friend’s house and the movie they went to see (Spiderman) and probably busy with one of his video games.

And mommy, me, is finally sitting on the couch with her feet up, the laptop in her lap and Justified on Amazon Prime. Why has no one told me about the yumminess that is Timothy Oliphant? Oh, my!!! Hubby really got into watching Justified and I never paid much attention. The other night he started over again and I started paying attention, big time. Eye candy, indeed… and no strippers in sight. šŸ™‚

Anyhow, so now, time to fill in some blanks. Each week, Hilary posts four statements with blanks for us to fill in on our own blogs. It’s fun to see what everyone comes up with.

This weeks statements are:

1.       I ___ wear___

2.     I have had a lot of ___

3.     Public speaking makes me__________.

4.     My car always has_______because_______.

And here are my answers:

1. I always wear flip flops and I mean always. Hope there aren’t any podiatrists reading this.

2. I have had a lot of practice sweeping and vacuuming up dog hair. I do it pretty much every day…

3. Public speaking makes me nervous. My hands get sweaty, my voice breaks and my heart races… I much prefer speaking, singing and dancing in front and with a classroom of four-year-olds. Once a preschool teacher always a preschool teacher!

4. My car always has a mess in it because I drive around three mess makers. šŸ™‚

And there you have it. Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. It seems we may have guests tomorrow… and some yummy baby back ribs smoked by hubby!!! Come on by, plenty for everyone!!!
xo, Susi

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  • Hilary July 7, 2012 at 7:23 am

    three mess makers – love that!

    • Susi July 7, 2012 at 11:45 am

      You love it, me not so much. But it is what it is and I have to deal… šŸ™‚

  • Beckey July 7, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Seems like a lot of us have messy cars thanks to the people we drive around!

    • Susi July 7, 2012 at 11:45 am

      I think, it’s one of those mommy things we all have to deal with! šŸ™‚

  • Karen July 7, 2012 at 10:29 am

    My car is always a mess, too. One of these days I swear I’m going to get a trash bag in there. I say that, but it never really happens. One day….

    • Susi July 7, 2012 at 11:44 am

      I actually have a trash bag in there to contain all the gum wrappers and such but even though I regularly clean out stuff there’s always more… toys, stuffed animals, blankets etc. It never ends.

  • Yvonne July 7, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    I’m not god with public speaking either. I hate it.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Susi July 7, 2012 at 3:16 pm

      With you there. Totally. Have a great weekend, too.

  • Kerry July 8, 2012 at 6:46 am

    #1 #3 #4 is all me lol
    I love random posts, great to read all about you and your day Susi!

    • Susi July 8, 2012 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks, Kerry. I’m working on including more of these “random” posts. I always have a million ideas and then when I sit down to write… poof, they are gone!

  • Stacy July 8, 2012 at 10:05 am

    I never minded speaking in front of kids (even teens), either. They don’t mind if you mess up. In fact, they pretty much like it. šŸ™‚

    • Susi July 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm

      Yeah, kids are much easier than adults.

  • Jennifer July 8, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    I’m also a huge fan of flip flops!!
    Oh and Timothy Oliphant, yum! Watch Catch and Release. Yummy!

    • Susi July 8, 2012 at 11:07 pm

      I just checked the trailer. have to see if it’s available on Netflix. getting my daily dose right now. He wears a ten gallon hat very nicely!!! šŸ™‚