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A loss, good food and some fill ins

June 28, 2012

A sad day for me today… Germany lost to Italy in the semi-finals of the Euro Cup 2012.

A good team, beat by a better one… I can’t deny that Italy played the better game today. It seemed to me that after the great showing of the German team the past few games, they just fell apart.

After the game, there was much sadness in the house. Here is Middle, utterly devasted that Germany lost. Especially, since she dressed for the occasion in her team jersey.

Now, there will be quiet again for two years (I go a little crazy during these tournaments!) until we start rooting for our teams (USA/Germany) during the next World Cup. Which will be held in Brazil in 2014!

To cheer us up after the sad ending of the game, hubby took us out for a nice sushi dinner… we had live scallop again and enjoyed it just as much as we did the first time last week.

Little One surprised us all by ordering a yakitori skewer of alligator which happens to be very good. She ate the whole thing!!!

Now I’m looking forward to a fun day spent with some lovely ladies… lunch and then some man eye candy at the movies. We’ll be checking out “Magic Mike”, don’t think the plot will be very important!!! 😉 I’ll let you know…

Oh, and before I forget… hubby ordered me a new toy. A laptop dock for my Android phone. It’s the coolest thing… I’ll share pictures as soon as I get it. So excited.

Geez, listen to me, getting excited and drooling over a piece of technology. What has the world come too? A few years ago, I could have cared less. Now all these new, shiny toys and apps make me go gaga!!!

He sure scored major points today! See, it’s the unexpected gifts that are the best!!!


So now, time for some fill in fun with Hilary of Feeling Beachie. She hosts the Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun hop where she gives us four statements with blanks to fill in on our own blogs. If you have any statements for her, please e-mail her and if she uses them you’ll be made co-host!!!

Here are this weeks statements:

1.       ____makes me laugh

2.       Sometimes____makes me sad

3.       My ___ looks ___ after ___

4.       When I hear ___ I ___

My answers:

1. My boy makes me laugh. Lately, he’s been able to make me laugh so much. I think, he’s taking after his father in that department!

2. Sometimes watching soccer makes me sad. As it did today. Not a good game… 🙁

3. My cat looks out the window after all the little lizards that cling to the screen and tease her!

4. When I hear my children’s laughter I feel good about myself and the world. It works wonders!!!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll see you on Sunday with all my favorite Instagrams of the week!!! I’d love it if you shared yours and linked up with me.