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An Evening Stroll {Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Dec. 2, 2017}

December 3, 2017

Now that the weather is a lot cooler and much less humid, it’s fun to explore the wetlands again and see what’s going on. I was surprised by how many birds are already there again, building nests and making noise. I’d been itching to get out and have some fun with my camera for a little photo therapy, as I like to call it.


It's been a year… FFFFF

March 2, 2012

It’s Friday again and you know what that means. Time to join Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun hop. Can you believe it’s week 52 and she’s been doing it for one whole year!!! Amazing. So, each week Hilary lists four statements with blanks for us to fill in on our own blog. If you have any suggestions for statements, e-mail her… if she chooses yours she’ll make you co-host!!!

This weeks statements are :

1.       If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet ___

2.       I find it hard to ___

3.       The last time _______ and _______ then _______

4.       Where are the ________________ when the ______________ are here?

And here are my answers:

1. If I could meet one person, living or dead, I would want to meet hubby’s grandpa. We met right after he passed away and our son is named after him. I hear so many stories about him and wish I could have known him.

2. I find it hard to get my hubby’s humor all the time. You’d think after almost 11 years of marriage I’d be used to it by now.

3. The last time my girls and I went for a walk with the dogs we saw a goose family and then a huge alligator in one of our lakes.

4. Where are the animal control guys when the alligators are here? (in one of the lakes)


A Trip To The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

November 26, 2011

This past summer my family from Germany came to visit. My cousin came to stay with us for a week. She’s studying to become a teacher and one of her majors is Biology. She loves nature and everything it has to offer. Just like me!!! 🙂

One day we decided to take a drive down the road to the nature preserve. I had never been there even though we lived basically right next to it for almost 10 years. Isn’t it amazing how we just don’t think of it and only look up and pay attention when we are made to?

We had a wonderful time that day – walking along the shaded boardwalk through the Cypress woods, trekking through the marsh ( I was a little freaked out being so close to the alligators that call the canals home.), going up on one of the look-out towers and seeing the Everglades stretched out for what seemed like miles, and standing on one of the docks watching people fish and an alligator circling around looking for lunch.

So, here are some of the images we captured that day… I hope, you enjoy!!!

[fgallery id=2 w=450 h=385 t=0 title=”The Florida Everglades”]


Wide Open Spaces

November 6, 2011

In order to travel from the east coast of Florida to the west coast ( and back, again) you need to drive through the Florida Everglades. No matter how often I make the trip ( to visit my mom) and no matter which way we choose to go, I am always amazed at the vastness of the Everglades…the wide open spaces between the two coast lines. Some of it is farm land, some the marshes and some the swamp…

I took some pictures with my phone’s camera this weekend and they really don’t do it justice…but I thought I’d share and next time I will remember my camera and maybe make a pit stop or two to really capture the beauty of it all.

Sunset, somewhere on SR 80 in Florida!

Farm land, somewhere on SR 80 in Florida!

Alligator Alley ( I-75), in the middle of the Florida Everglades!

It goes on like this forever and ever. All you see is space and sometimes an alligator or two!!! 🙂 I love it and never tire of it. I truly have come to love and appreciate all that Florida’s environment has to offer. I think, it’s amazing…

Do you enjoy the scenery and nature’s bounty where you live?