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being a kid rocks. 10 reasons


Why it rocks to be us

March 19, 2012

After reading the Monday listicles posts for a while now I finally decided to join up with Stasha at The Good Life for her weekly link up. I pulled the boy away from talking to his friends on Skype and little one from watching The Tale of Despereaux to “interview” them about…

10 reasons why being a kid rocks.

Here are their answers in no particular order. A (B) stands for the boy answering, he’s 11 and a (L.O.) stands for little one answering, she’s 3.

1. Not having to worry about taxes. (B) That really was his first answer.

2. Because I like going to playground and pool. (L.O.)

3. Being chauffeured around by mom and dad. (B)

4. Play with my toys every night. (L.O.) … and here I thought, she actually sleeps.

5. Get an allowance. (B)… he also gets to do chores for that allowance.

6. Because I get to play video games. (B)

7. Because I get to tell funny jokes. (B) … They are funny not silly!!!!

8. Because I get to have tea parties. (L.O.)

9. Because you can watch endless amounts of TV. (guess who?)

10. Because I get to go to work with daddy and enjoy it. ( This last one is for my absentee middle daughter who chose to go to work with her daddy on her first day of Spring Break. )