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My favorite part of Christmas

December 28, 2012

It’s been a busy few days and not just because of the holidays. We were watching our neighbors’ pooch for a few days. He is such a good boy and the girls had a blast walking him. Why is it that they were fighting over who could walk him but they never volunteer to walk our dogs? Christmas involved cooking (hubby and my mom), going out with grandma and hubby’s aunt and cleaning lots of wrapping paper.

My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve – always has been and I’d wager always will be. It’s the big night in Germany – Heiligabend – we usually never saw the tree before that night and the magic of seeing the tree for the first time combined with the excitement over getting presents – Bescherung – never got old.

Christmas Eve dinner

We continue this tradition with our own kids and Christmas Eve is always reserved for time with my mom and presents that the “German” Santa dropped off early at her house. This year we also had a traditional Christmas meal of roasted goose, with potato dumplings, red cabbage, stuffing and gravy.

waiting for presents

The kids barely eat anything because they are too excited to open presents. They know that as soon as dinner is done and the table is cleared; they’ll get to tear into the mountain of presents under the tree.

wrapping paper everywhere

As usual, my mom  Santa didn’t disappoint and there were a lot of squeals and happy faces. And for once I didn’t have to spend two hours building any of the toys!!! (The boy built his own.)

working on his new chair

And after all the presents are opened, the wrapping paper and kitchen cleaned up, it’s time for everyone to relax and put up their feet. And try out the new toys!!!

the king in his new game throne

And then, the tree is waiting for more presents from Santa… but not until all the kids are in bed and fast asleep. Well, at least the littlest one… The other two are my helper elves now!

all cleaned up


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Essence of Now


A birthday (or two), some dancing, and a broken shoe…

September 28, 2012

It’s Friday and it’s more than welcome… today, there is nothing on my calendar, no alerts, no appointments, nothing.

I get to pick the kids up at normal dismissal time to start our weekend together.

No weekend plans either, for any of us… just time spend at home. I may finally do some yard work. I’m hoping my green thumb will temporarily make an appearance!!! 🙂

The week started with a birthday, actually two… first my MIL and the next day our little angel.

She’s 4 now. Not so little anymore and she lets us know it.

She has opinions about everything, from wearing her new outfit, to posing for the camera, to what’s for dinner.

Oh yes, a blonde, blue eyed little angel – with a little devil lurking inside!

And we love every part of her.

Don’t you just love those shorts?

Middle had her last dance performance at the last middle school home game for now.

She’s sad.

She wants to keep going and we are hoping that practice will continue and the school approves the team for basketball season.

If not, Spring isn’t that far away and there’ll be plenty more dancing to do…

I love watching her, the big smile on her face, the enthusiasm in her movements, the sheer joy she exhibits when she dances.

It brings back memories…

As for me, I’ll get to do some shoe shopping this weekend.

For myself.

Seems that my shoes are on strike and in the last few weeks three pairs of my “good” flip flops broke.

The last pair broke yesterday, at the school, walking to the field for Middle’s performance.

Have you ever shuffled along in a broken flip flop? Yeah, it’s not fun.

But, as always, looking at the positive side of things… new shoes, for me, yippie!!! 😉

I just realized, I need to take a picture of my boy with his new trumpet.

He’s loving it and enjoying being a trumpeter in the school band.

I can’t wait for his first performance…

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Essence of Now


One on One Time

September 21, 2012

I dropped off my two older ones at school like I do every morning. Only today, I won’t be picking them up. My dancing bee is going to her friends house for a sleepover. Middle and her friend have been begging for a few weeks now and we finally managed to find a weekend that worked for all of us. So, she’s off to her friend’s house after school, riding the school bus which she is super excited about. It’s a novelty for this car rider!!! 🙂

My boy is of for quick getaway with the hubby. They are heading to Cocoa Beach for the air show tomorrow. Hubby got really, really, really lucky and managed to get a room in a hotel that’s right on the beach in the middle of the flight line. How cool is that? And to make this deal even sweeter he got it for a great price. So, my boys will be hanging at the beach tomorrow watching some of our military might fly over.

Meanwhile, it will be just Little One and I until we have to pick up Middle tomorrow. Little One is super excited because she gets me all to herself and she gets to sleep on daddy’s side of the bed. 😉 We are hoping to head to the park later today but the weather may not play along.

If it does end up raining, like it’s threatening to, I may just take her to a movie. I think, she’ll love that. We’ll see… And if all else fails she can just do more of what you see in the pictures. “Steal” her sister’s laptop and play games on Nick Jr.!!! She just discovered Blue’s Clues on Netflix and has been watching, playing and acting it out. I’ve caught myself more than once singing the theme song. It’s been around this house for about 10 years after all! 😉

I look forward to some quiet time with my Little princess and a nice quiet dinner with our neighbor tonight. While everyone else is out having fun, I’ll relax and soak up the solitude and quiet. After the past few frantic weeks it’s just what the doctor ordered. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get some work done in the process too…

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Essence of Now


Life's a beach…

July 27, 2012

Yesterday, the family decided we wanted dinner on the water. One of our favorite places is the Old Key Lime House in Lake Worth, Florida. Traffic was so bad on the highway we decided to stick to local roads and ended up on Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach. I love to go there… it’s great for a nice dinner out and a walk afterwards to look into shop windows and have an ice cream cone – which we did!

We ended up walking all the way down to the beach about a mile. Oh, the breeze was heavenly and with the sun down it was just glorious. The kids had fun running in and out of the water and digging in the sand. They didn’t want to leave, as usual…

My two big kids posing… Little One ran out of the shot at the last minute! The wall behind them has little spouts and water runs all over it. It looks really pretty and the picture doesn’t do it any justice.

Digging in the sand, fun for kids of any age… one of the only times all three of my kids played together without any arguments.

Middle wrote this in the sand, a great sentiment all of us share!!!

And here is my boy, without making a face or turning away… just his pretty baby blues and freckles. Love him.

Taking a break from all the craziness at home was nice, all of us together, relaxing and taking in the atmosphere.

The bathroom is tiled, waiting for the grout… we had another minor emergency tonight when Middle noticed water stains on the living room ceiling.

Let me tell you, I almost had a heart attack. But all is well, a small leak from the toilet valve (it was removed so they could tile the floor around it) that seeped into the ceiling over night.

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Essence of Now


Time is not on my side…

July 20, 2012

Time to blog that is.

My fault for wasting most of my late afternoon/early evening on playing around with Blogger and setting up a blog there.

Just out of curiosity. I deleted it.

I’ll stick to WordPress, thank you very much.

I could have gotten this post ready instead of playing around.

But I didn’t…

And today I paid the price. I sit here, working on it now at 9:05 pm…

Because my shower looked like this in the morning, before the tile guys showed up.

They showed up earlier than we expected (that’s good, right?) and now my shower looks like this.

At the same time a guy from ATT showed up and we lost the Internet!!! 🙁 I.was.not.happy.

Then hubby’s grandma called… she couldn’t get anyone to come over to stay with her when a guy from Comcast was coming by to fix her TV. She’s almost 86… So, Susi to the rescue. I packed up the girls (Middle, her bestie and Little One) and we met her for lunch and then some pool fun at her house while the Comcast guy did his thing.

My bathroom still looks like this.

 Yesterday, I played some more with my camera, been shooting mostly in manual and love the way this came out.

Our Macy checking out what’s going on outside from her comfy spot. Yes, that is her couch!!! 🙂

Here is the hubby with his new toy– a flight simulation game with proper joystick– on the big TV.

Even Little One is enthralled. And the other kids have taken their turn at the “wheel”.

Fun for everyone.

This is Middle mid jump at grandma’s this afternoon. Did I mention that they love the pool, any pool?

And Little One not to be outdone by big sister joined in.

Isn’t she just the cutest?


So, there you have it… my Essence of Now. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’m linking up with Jessica at My time as Mom and Mama Track.

Not my usual Friday hop… Hilary took a break this week to mourn her kitty Alex’s passing.

I like this link up though and think I’ll be a regular here!!! If they’ll have me… 🙂

Essence of Now