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Mother's Day… a recap

May 14, 2012

I’m going to change my list up a little today and share my Mother’s Day, as well as, the goodies I received from my angels. They did good!!! With a little help from my mom. 🙂 Make sure you make a list and check it twice and link up with Stasha at The Good Life.

1. This year I actually got to spend Mother’s Day and the weekend preceding it with my own mom and my aunt who is visiting from Germany. That was nice and special.

2. My mom who I still think is a better cook and baker than I, made us all her famous Eggs Benedict with hollandaise made from scratch. It’s something to behold and taste. One of our favorite breakfasts at her house.

3. Middle daughter surprised me with this beautiful rose bouquet that she picked out with a little help from my own mommy.

4. And she also knows my love of balloons and snuck this one in the night before.

5. My boy made me a beautiful frame with a nice picture of him and also wrote me a beautiful card.

6. Knowing what a tea lover I am my mom picked this up for me and had to give it to me early because I really wanted a cup of tea after dinner one night. It’s delicious.

7. When we got home Middle daughter gave me the presents she made in school. Including these beautiful note cards that she painted.

8. And this decorated frame with a picture of her, before contact lens.

9. Love this planter… it says: “Mom, your love is planted in my heart.” Sigh!

10. I got to enjoy my family for Mother’s Day, those from near and far and that was the best.

*This is actually at my house when we all had breakfast outside together. 



Family Saturday- The Jupiter Lighthouse

February 5, 2012

This past weekend we had another family day and continued our mission of exploring Florida! We went to Jupiter and decided to take a look at the Jupiter Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was officially lit on July 10, 1860 and has been in service continuously since then except for a brief period when the lighthouse was under construction for renovations. A weather bureau and signal station were established in 1889. Did you know that all US lighthouses are the responsibility of the US Coast Guard? Click here if you would like more in depth information.

We had some young tour guides who were local high school students volunteering. Other than the fact that one of them talked super fast and wouldn’t let anyone get a word in edge wise they were pretty good and the tour was pleasant and informative. After seeing the Tindall house which is an old pioneer homestead and a chickee hut made by local Seminole Indians and the lighthouse keepers quarters we arrived at the foot of the lighthouse.

This is how the girls entertained themselves while hubby took the boy up. Why he decided to go up I’ll never know. He walked down the spiral metal staircase backwards and was drenched in sweat when he stepped foot on solid ground. Newsflash: You are afraid of heights!!! I really wish I had a picture of it for future reference. Once they were down and capable of watching Little One it was time for us big girls to head up. 105 steps to the top.I have to say it didn’t feel too kosher to me either. I guess, as I’m getting older things like heights and open spiral staircases get to me, too. 


But the view was so worth it. It was beautiful and windy and breathtaking!!! I love getting a bird’s eye view of everything and seeing for miles and miles in all directions.

Here’s a little sample!







105 steps down, sweaty fingers and a racing heart… and aching thighs the next day.

It was nice to learn some of Florida’s history and seeing how both the pioneers and Seminole Indians lived. And to see how important lighthouses still are to maritime traffic!!! We all had a wonderful afternoon, learned something new and were only about an hours drive away from home. And I got some sweet pictures to share with you my dear bloggy friends!!! 🙂



My weekend in pictures…

January 9, 2012

It’s late and I really should be in bed. Tomorrow the big kids go back to school that means I have to be out of bed by 6:30 AM. 🙁 I was just going to post a few pictures and then head of to bed. Well, picking the shots that I liked took a little longer than I thought. I took about 200 pics this weekend, learning the ins and outs of my camera. No, it’s not new–I just didn’t realize how much it can actually do. Since I’ve started blogging I pay a lot more attention to my photos. It’s another new passion.

We had a really great weekend. Friday the five of us headed out to dinner at the Old Key Lime House which is a new favorite of ours. It’s on the water and you can even pull up by boat. Saturday after a big breakfast, hubby suggested we get in the car and check out the guitar shop he had found online. Since I’m trying to be more spontaneous and a drive sounded just fine in this glorious weather we’ve been having, I was all for it. How lucky that the guitar shop was right across the street from the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary? What a great place. They rehabilitate wild animals that are injured and work completely from donations. We bought some things at the gift shop…

After we got home hubby had to try out the new toy and I was all ready to enjoy a quiet night. That wasn’t happening. We had an impromptu get-together with our neighbors and ended up cooking surf and turf. I’m really getting into this spontaneity thing. Hope it will last throughout the year!!!

Sunday dawned sunny and bright yet again. We headed out to our usual family lunch with hubby’s grandma. After we got home the girls played with one of their friends, hubby worked on some car maintenance, and I spend time with my camera’s manual and made the girls pose for me. We finished this weekend with a home-cooked meal of chicken Alfredo made by yours truly. Oh, and I managed to beat hubby at ping-pong. I’m pretty good!!! 🙂

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