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One on One Time

September 21, 2012

I dropped off my two older ones at school like I do every morning. Only today, I won’t be picking them up. My dancing bee is going to her friends house for a sleepover. Middle and her friend have been begging for a few weeks now and we finally managed to find a weekend that worked for all of us. So, she’s off to her friend’s house after school, riding the school bus which she is super excited about. It’s a novelty for this car rider!!! 🙂

My boy is of for quick getaway with the hubby. They are heading to Cocoa Beach for the air show tomorrow. Hubby got really, really, really lucky and managed to get a room in a hotel that’s right on the beach in the middle of the flight line. How cool is that? And to make this deal even sweeter he got it for a great price. So, my boys will be hanging at the beach tomorrow watching some of our military might fly over.

Meanwhile, it will be just Little One and I until we have to pick up Middle tomorrow. Little One is super excited because she gets me all to herself and she gets to sleep on daddy’s side of the bed. 😉 We are hoping to head to the park later today but the weather may not play along.

If it does end up raining, like it’s threatening to, I may just take her to a movie. I think, she’ll love that. We’ll see… And if all else fails she can just do more of what you see in the pictures. “Steal” her sister’s laptop and play games on Nick Jr.!!! She just discovered Blue’s Clues on Netflix and has been watching, playing and acting it out. I’ve caught myself more than once singing the theme song. It’s been around this house for about 10 years after all! 😉

I look forward to some quiet time with my Little princess and a nice quiet dinner with our neighbor tonight. While everyone else is out having fun, I’ll relax and soak up the solitude and quiet. After the past few frantic weeks it’s just what the doctor ordered. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get some work done in the process too…

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