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Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun

February 2, 2012


Each week Hilary at Feeling Beachie lists 4 statements with blanks for us to fill in. If you would like to help her out with some statements and she uses them… she will make you co-host!!! It’s easy and fun! So come along and join her…

This weeks statements:

1. I never eat ______.

2. I am not a ___ .

3. I think ______ are really weird.

4. Sometimes when I __________ I always wonder if people are ___________.

My answers:

  1. I never eat anything that has raisins in it. They make me gag!
  2. I am not a Pinterest addict, yet. I have not had the guts to look at it because I don’t need to add it to my obsessions when it comes to social media.
  3. I think that people who have every inch of their bodies tattooed are really weird

4. Sometimes when I speak I always wonder if people are understanding my accent.



A League of Nations

December 20, 2011

I wrote this post a while back and promptly banished it to the draft folder because I just didn’t think it was ready. Or right. Or something. Today, I was thinking about what to write and ideas shimmered in front of me, only to float away on a cloud of frustration. Then, I remembered this post and decided to expand on it a little and give you a snap-shot of my family.

Hubby’s grandma, who has graced this earth for 85 years now, likes to call her family a league of nations. Her son, my father-in-law, is married to a Brazilian woman. She came here a number of years ago from Rio de Janeiro. Grandma’s daughter, hubby’s aunt, married a Canadian from Vancouver, and they live in far away Kullu, India. Kullu is a town in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Last, but not least, hubby married me, a German. Almost, German-American!!! 🙂 I’m the last of the “foreigners” to get my citizenship.

So, this is her little “league of nations”. I’m sure that this is a fairly common occurrence in many families in this country. America, after all, is known as a melting pot–some regions more so than others. It still is a very interesting phenomenon for me. I grew up in a tiny village about two hours south of Berlin. Everyone knew who you were and what you were up to. I wasn’t used to having this mix of people and nations around me and it was very over-whelming at first.

I’m lucky enough that my parents are here with me. They live about two hours away on the west coast of Florida. I know many people, some of them friends I went to school with, who are here without any family around. Little sis went back to Germany with her husband, who is American but was born in Poland. My niece who was just born earlier this year has dual-citizenship. She’s both German and American.

My children who were all born here in the US also have dual-citizenship. They were born on American soil and have an American father, so they are by proxy American. But because when they were all born I was still a German national, they also have German citizenship.

Put it all together and you get a pretty eclectic mix of people and attitudes. It makes for an interesting get-together.

What about you and your family? Do you have a family that you would consider your very own “league of nations”?





Case Status Update

November 7, 2011

“Your case status has been updated.” That’s the text I got tonight.  I stopped in the middle of getting lunch ready for my boy and ran to the computer. I couldn’t wait for my e-mail account to load to see if the follow-up e-mail was in my inbox ( fingers impatiently drumming on the table!!!)…and there it was. I clicked on the link and there it was, the update. I am now officially scheduled for my citizenship interview and test and should receive a letter by snail mail informing me of the date and time. I cannot wait to find out. This is happening so freakishly fast.

Just a month ago I sent out my application for citizenship, within two weeks I had an appointment for fingerprinting (I went last Tuesday.) and by Thursday I had an update that my background check was complete and I was in line for scheduling. And today the notice that I am scheduled to appear for my interview and test. Wow, for once bureaucracy is putting its best foot forward. The wonders of modern technology are certainly making themselves known here. ( Fingerprinting is now done digitally with special fingerprinting machines/computers…no more cards that need to be sent off.)

I better get cracking and start to study, as hubby suggested after I told him the news. I do have a nifty study guide provided by  USCIS ( United States Citizen and Immigration Services) that will come in handy. It is actually very informative. Out of 100 question I have to study, I will be asked 10 and I have to get 6 of those right. There will also be a vocab and English portion – I’m pretty sure my English will pass!!!!! 🙂

So, while I impatiently wait for that letter to arrive in the mail, I will be a good girl and start studying. It’s better to be prepared, right?

As soon as I find it in the mailbox, I will let you know the when and where. Oh boy, I am so excited. It seems that I will be an American citizen sooner than anticipated. What a wonderful way to finish off this year!!!! Wish me luck.




The (Dual) Citizenship Dilemma

October 24, 2011

About three weeks ago, I nervously sent out my application for American citizenship. Yes, I finally took the next step. I have lived in the US for the same amount of time as I did growing up in Germany and the decision to become a citizen has been an easy one for me. I love living in this country and feel more American than German in some ways. How do they say–I’ve become Americanized!!!

Today, I received my “receipt” and now the application is being processed. If everything checks out, the next step will be fingerprinting. Again!!! ( I’ve had to do that so many times already since receiving and renewing my green card! ) After the fingerprinting and background checks are completed it will be time for the interview. I’m not too worried about it because I’ve “studied” the information for the test for years. The only thing getting in my way will be my nerves — I always get sooooo nervous – sweaty hands and all. Ugh!!!

One decision, however, I had to think about a little–do I keep my German citizenship and become a dual-citizen or go all the way…and become an American citizen. I choose not to keep my German citizenship! That doesn’t mean I’m going to march to the German Consulate and renounce it. It just means I’m not taking the extra steps to make sure I can keep it. ( I would have to pay the German government fees, as well as, fill out mounts of paperwork and show that I have ties and family in Germany. Many people might not understand and get offended by that choice, but it is my choice.

Both my husband and children are American citizen – by birth. I’ve put down firm roots here and have no desire to leave this country. In some ways, I’m idealistic by wanting to be a citizen…I want to pledge my allegiance to the flag, and be able to vote and proudly say ” I am an American!” And isn’t that what it’s all about? The American dream? That’s just me. People choose to become citizens for many reason and that’s their right.

Also, in a way I feel being a German citizen is my birthright and I shouldn’t have to pay and do mounts of paperwork to keep that. I was born in  Germany and raised there–I’ve always been proud to say that and I will always have that in my heart.(Part of my heart will always bleed black, red and gold!) It won’t simply go away when the time comes for me to take my oath of allegiance.

So, now the nail-biting and waiting begin.

Let me know what you think? Is it the right choice?