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Empire State of Mind and a few fill ins…

November 2, 2012

This week cannot be over fast enough. It’s not one of my favorite weeks by far. After getting so very lucky when Sandy glanced by us with very minor damage, we started breathing a sigh of relief. Put it out of our minds and moved on. Just like we do a few times during hurricane season each year when something is brewing close to us. I kept my eyes on the storm track to see where it was heading and when it would fizzle out. Same as always. Only this one had other ideas. We all know what kind of ideas…

It’s been horrifying seeing the images come in and watch the news of all the devastation all along the Northeast Coast. I think, hubby was in utter shock as he watched his hometown get destroyed and parts of it burn.

I can’t seem to shake the sadness in my heart. It aches for all the people that were affected, the ones who are without power, shivering in the cold, without phones, internet… any modern conveniences. Never before have I been so aware of how we rely on all these conveniences… sitting, worrying, biting my nails, hoping for some sign, a message from people close to us.

Many of you have contacted me to find out if I heard from Hilary. I had been in touch with her just before the storm and then… nothing for days. I finally had the presence of mind to send a message to her mom. Such relief when I heard they were okay. (As okay as they can be in this situation.)

Tonight, I got a very short e-mail from Hilary… the subject line: ALIVE!!! So thankful for that!!!

I almost didn’t do the hop today. I just haven’t felt like blogging… but somehow I think, even if Hilary can’t answer our comments right now she’d be happy to know that we are all playing along and keeping it going!!!

Now, before I get to the hop, I wanted to share this video. I heard this song on the radio in the morning on the way home after dropping the kids at school and it gave me shivers and made me tear up… Who am I kidding, I was bawling.


Each week, Hilary plans on listing four statements with a blank for us to fill in on our own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Beckey from really, really, real housewives  – she came up with the last two statements

Hilary would LOVE it if you could please help her spread the word about this hop…. So, please tweet, FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post…

This week’s statements:
1. Growing up _____
2. Wouldn’t ____ be wonderful?
3. If I hadn’t _____, then I never would have _____.
4. When I _____, I like to _____.

My answers:

1. Growing up my friends and I spent every minute we could outside, building forts, hiking through the woods, and being carefree.

2. Wouldn’t not having to deal with hurricanes be wonderful?

3. If I hadn’t seen that ad in the paper for the CSR position, then I never would have met my husband. 

4. When I soak in the bathtub and relax, I like to have music on low and read a good book by candle light. (My idea of heaven!)



Picture Perfect Weekly #26 {A windy edition}

October 27, 2012

I love to share photos and I love Instagram. I was one happy little blogger when Instagram became available on Android devices. I jumped, no leaped, on that particular social media bandwagon and have developed a new love affair/addiction with it. Because of this love affair I have decided to start my very own weekly link up called… Picture Perfect Weekly!!!
I would love it if you would join me and share the treasures you captured with Instagram/phone camera/any other camera during the past week. I see a lot of fantastic, cute, funny and happy moments every day.

Share just one or many of your pictures and add a small description.

Just paste the badge into your post or sidebar and follow me… quick and simple. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram!

I look forward to seeing your treasured moments!!!

My week in Instagram pics:

Another week over. Another week that brought new things.

I tried raw oysters for the very first time this week! Something, I swore to myself I would never eat. But you know how that saying goes? “Never, say never!!!” It certainly proved true for me… we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant and had an assortment of raw seafood… starting with raw Kumomoto oysters (delish), raw abalone (my fave of the night) and raw giant clam and of course, a stable for us every time we go there now, raw scallop (to die for)!!! I love this place, always something new to try and just so well prepared.

We also did some baking and tried the first cupcake recipe out of Little One’s new princess baking recipe book. I’m planning on going through all the recipes and sharing them. Such cute ideas in that book.

The boy was modeling the newest fashions in video game head gear — little sister’s baby doll carrier!!! 😉 And he also got a new Lego set in honor of the season and as usual was finished much too fast. May I present the Vampyre Hearse!

Thursday afternoon after lunch with great-grandma and Little One posing in the landscaping, we had to go pick the big kids up early from school in preparation for Hurricane Sandy passing by close to shore. All in all, not too bad, rain on and off and very windy conditions. The girls’ hair was flying everywhere while we were out walking the dogs. Hubby decided to take advantage of the dreary, overcast skies and pressure clean the pool deck. It needed it and this way he wasn’t working in the blazing sun. It looks nice and clean and fresh now.

I also, finally, managed to get our Halloween decorations out this past Monday, quite early for me. As good as I am about decorating for the Holidays, Halloween is never big on my list. But I think, I did pretty good this year and the kids are very happy!

My girls had a blast today at their friend’s birthday party… they spent close to 5 hours on the bounce house/water slide combination and only took short breaks for cake and some pizza! I’d call that a success. They are pooped and have been asleep for a few hours already. I’ve been enjoying the quiet!!! 🙂

How about you? What have you been up to this week? Care to share?

I also want to take a moment and tell all my readers and bloggy friends who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm that I hope, you all stay safe and the damage won’t be as bad as expected. I’ll be thinking of you. Also, door’s always open if you’d like to come here for a few days and enjoy the sunshine!!!



An unplanned three-day weekend… and some fill in fun!

October 25, 2012

Earlier today, I was out walking the dogs and as I was meandering along, letting them stop here and there to sniff in the grass, watching the water gently lap at the grassy shore, and the grey clouds drift in the sky — I realized how quiet and deserted it seemed.

An approaching hurricane does that. The birds were quiet and instead of chirping in the sunshine, they hid and found a safe spot somewhere, away from the wind and rain. The tennis courts were deserted and no matches were being played this morning. The streets were devoid of cars… It just seemed eerie. The scratchy call of the crows high up on the wires of the power lines made it even more so.

From the time I hear we are under a tropical storm watch and then warning, the waiting begins.

First, to find out if and when the schools close. Today, the call came at 9:30 am… an early pick up today, no school tomorrow. The kids are excited. Why not, an unexpected three day weekend for them?

Then, more waiting and watching. Where exactly is the storm going? Will it change it’s prospective path? How strong is it? How big is it? How far do the feeder bands extend from the center, the eye, of the storm?

I constantly check the forecast, keep abreast of the latest news and try to stay calm.

I am calm. On the outside. Inside. A different story.

I am not scared, maybe a bit worried. It’s more like being on hold. I always feel this way… like my life is on hold and won’t continue until after the storm passes and things return to normal. Whatever that is!!!


Thank goodness for Hilary and her hop. Joining her for her weekly link-up is just what I need to take my mind of other things. Namely, Hurricane Sandy.

Each week, Hilary plans on listing four statements with a blank for us to fill in on our own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Irene from Me, Myself and Irene (she came up with the last two statements)

Hilary would LOVE it if you could please help her spread the word about this hop…. So, please tweet, FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post…

This week’s statements:
1. ___ is my favorite feature
2. Thinking about ___ makes me ___
3. It’s been a long time since______
4. I just don’t understand_____________


My answers:

1. My eyes are my favorite feature.

2. Thinking about Thanksgiving makes me very excited. My sister and her family will be here and I can’t wait to enjoy the holiday with her and the rest of the gang.

3. It’s been a long time since I had a spa pedicure. I believe it was around the time I was pregnant with my youngest and that was over 4 years ago!!!

4. I just don’t understand why there is always such a long wait at the doctor even when you have an appointment. What’s the point?