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Thanks… for this! {Monday Listicles}

July 15, 2012

Every once in a while it’s nice to sit back and think of the people and things that you are thankful for.

Stasha, the list master, wants us to make a list and check it twice of 10 Thanks…

So, here are my top 10 I want to say “thanks” for.

Thanks for…

1. The guy without whom none of this would be possible… my hubby.

2. The boy, who makes me laugh out loud more than most, who has started to cook with daddy, who does his chores without too much grumbling, who is the best big brother.

3. Middle, who loves fashion, One Direction, and for being my best photography model.

4. Little One, who impresses me daily with her knowledge and smarts, who “cooks” the best soups in her kitchen, who gives the best monkey hugs.

5. Becoming an American citizen this year, a step a long time coming, finally, happily taken.

6. Our backyard pool, for my almost daily exercise, for providing an oasis of coolness in this summer heat, and for alleviating hours of boredom for the kiddos now that camp is over.

7.The beach/ocean just minutes east of us, for sitting in the sand, relaxing, staring at the horizon and watching the waves wash ashore.

8. For sunsets and views like this… moments to get lost in.

9. My camera, to capture all these precious moments and smiles so I can share them, here, there and everywhere.

10. For today… for letting luck be with my girls and letting them catch fish after fish after fish… the haul included two catfish, which one of the neighbors took home to eat.

There are so many more people and things I’d say thanks for … my mom, all of you, stopping by here to read, to comment, to share… blogging, and the world it opened up to me… and on and on and on.

Thanks for everything!

What are your 10 Thanks? Why don’t you join Stasha and make a list to play along!


The first hour

May 6, 2012

Last week I took a break from making a list because I joined my friend Brenda for her book blog party. You should check out her new book Skewered Halo. It’s a fantastic read. I’m back to join the list master Stasha for Monday listicles. This weeks topic comes from Stacey of Mothering Moments and her new link up An Hour in a Day. And how cool is it that we can link up this post twice?

So, here goes, the first hour of my day from Monday through Friday… 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM.

1. 6:30 AM I get up, brush my teeth and wash my face.

2. 6:35 AM I sneak into the closet to get dressed.

3. 6:40 AM I start the shower for/ and wake up the boy and lay out his school uniform.

4. 6:45 AM I wake up middle daughter, lay out her uniform and remind her not to dilly-dally (is that a word?).

5. 6:50 AM I go downstairs and head straight for the Keurig and my morning cup of coffee. While that brews, I pack school snacks for the kids.

6. 7:00 AM Start preparing breakfast for the kids and make little one her apple juice. She will have snuck down by now.

7. 7:10 AM I sit for a few minutes, sip my coffee ( Ahhh, bliss.) and check FB, Twitter or my e-mail.

8. 7:15 AM The kids need reminding to finish up their breakfast, put on their shoes and get going.

9. 7:20 AM Little one decides she wants to ride with us so I rush upstairs to get her dressed.

10. 7:30 AM I usher the kids to the car, remind one or the other that it usually helps to have their back-bag on hand and drive to school.

There you have it, the first hour in my day. There is very little variation throughout the school year and we all have gotten used to the routine of it.


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On the road

April 9, 2012

I’m way late to the party but better late than never I always say. It’s been a busy few days but in a good way. The kids had a mini Spring Break over the Easter weekend so I’ve had them home from Thursday on… tomorrow they head back to school. With them being home I spent more time with them than online or blogging… which is as it should be, right? Anyways, we went swimming almost daily, had fun doing Easter things and just enjoyed our time together. I love my kiddos and I love spending time with them when there is no drama…

Here now my contribution to Stasha’s Monday Listicles... the theme for this week is The Road. I dug through the pictures of our recent travels, roadtrips to Tampa, daytrips along A1A and some from our trip through the heart of Florida along SR 60.

Heading into West Palm Beach


Palm trees lining the streets heading into Palm Beach.


Driving along A1A in Palm Beach County... view of Lake Worth.


It's rare to see the Turnpike this empty.


Cows and hey bales along SR 60 in Florida.


Viewing a bridge opening from the Jupiter Lighthouse in Jupiter, Fl.


Entrance to Ybor City in Tampa, Fl.


Sunset viewed from the car on I-75, west coast of Fl.


One of my favorite bridges in Florida. The Sunshine Skyway in St. Petersburg, Fl.


Heading onto the Sunshine Skyway... hubby hates it, I love it.


Our favorite mode of transportation in Tampa... the trolley cars.



Hope you enjoyed your trip along the roads I have traveled in recent months!


Should I feel guilty?

April 2, 2012

Monday, my new favorite blogging day… I get to think up a list and share it and see what others come up with thanks to Stasha at The Good Life… they call her the list master and that, my friends, she is!!! 🙂

This weeks topic was thought up by Miss Marina Star. She wants to know what our 10 guilty pleasures are.

My 10 guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures in no particular order:

1. The Twilight Saga… I have all the books, read them numerous times and also own all 4 DVDs and watch the movies over and over again. I love all things vampire and this little saga has sucked me in. Didn’t think it was possible, but here I am…  a Twihard!

2. Robert Pattinson… Yes, I know, I am a married mother of 3 in my thirties… but the eyes, the accent, that smile… I can’t help myself.

3. Twizzlers, the strawberry kind… they go hand in hand with watching Twilight movies… between my daughter and I, we demolish a family size pack during the course of the movie.

4. Frozen yogurt with hot fudge sauce… mmmhhhh, yum. Most Sundays we have lunch with hubby’s grandma and her club has the most awesome buffet… after sticking to salad for my main meal I go straight for the frozen yogurt machine and the hot fudge sauce for dessert.

5. Milka chocolate… it’s German chocolate at it’s finest. I love the milk chocolate and the chopped hazelnut. I cannot resist buying a bar or two whenever I see it at our local Target.

6. Ritz cracker sandwiches with Nutella and peanut butter… I tell myself it’s a healthy snack because of the peanut butter and whole wheat crackers but who am I kidding… Nutella is basically spreadable chocolate.

7. My daily Chai Latte… I am so in love with this wondrous drink that I looked up ways to make frothy milk without a frother!!!

8. The Real Housewifes of Orange County/ Beverly Hills… I don’t watch it a lot or regularly but when I have a chance to see it I get sucked right into the world of cattiness and plastic!

9. Bread/Pasta… I try to eat mostly whole wheat or whole grain and I do like it but I cannot resist a good garlic or Italian bread or a big bowl of pasta.

10. Soaking in a bubble bath and reading a good book… my sanity saver. I put the kids to bed, grab my book dejour, put on some music and relax. I can sit in the tub until the water grows cold and I look like a dried up prune. Bliss.


Do you think I should feel guilty about my guilty pleasures? Some of it I need for sanity’s sake!!! 🙂



Making My Life Easier

March 26, 2012

It’s Monday. Back to reality for me. It’s a bit harder this Monday than on other Mondays because hubby and I had a weekend all to ourselves(for the first time in years!). My mom graciously took our 3 monsters  angels for the weekend and kept them busy. Hubby and I went away by ourselves and enjoyed some uninterrupted adult time. More on that trip later.

Now, it’s time for a list. I had so much fun joining Stasha at The Good Life last week that I decided to make another list.

10 Things/people/services that make life easier

1. I have to start with my hubby for being the technical genius he is and always solving any issues that crop up with all things computer related. I’m so lucky!

2. My Android phone, for always keeping me in the loop.

3. My Samsung Galaxy tablet, for keeping me in the loop, letting me carry a lighter load and that awesome Kindle app!!!

4. Skype, for letting me see my sister at least once a week and being able to watch my niece grow-up and see her take her first steps. It makes it easier to bear having her live all the way in Germany.

5. Walgreens online photo ordering. I always have an idea for Christmas presents for the grandparents ( they love the calenders with photos of the kids) and for being able to order prints online and pick them up an hour later. (For those last minute school projects!!!)

6. The dry cleaner because some days I give in and pay extra to have hubby’s dress shirts all nice and starched and wrinkle-free. As some of you know, ironing is my most dreaded and hated chore.

7. In the same vein as number 6. Here’s to wrinkle-free shirts… wash, dry and wear… that’s my kind of shirt!!!

8. Our lawn guys… I don’t have a green thumb and hubby is white collar all the way when it comes to outside chores. Without our lawn guys the grass would be waist high and the hedges at about 10 feet, neither of which our home owners association would appreciate.

9. My Libman Freedom Spray Mop. I am a bit anal when it comes to my floors. This mop is great because it comes with washable microfiber pads and a refill bottle for your own cleaning solution. You don’t need to constantly replace batteries or buy the throw-away pads. I like that, it’s better for the environment and cheaper on my wallet. Plus, it does a great job cleaning the floors.

10. This last one is a service that I wish was still available~ the Publix grocery delivery service~ it was so great to have. You ordered your groceries online, paid a small delivery fee and a few hours later food was at your door. It came in handy when the kids were really little and it took forever just to get ready for a quick grocery run. I’m sure many of us moms, especially the ones with newborns, would love to be able to have groceries delivered.