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I am Susi {with an "i"}

November 13, 2012


My whole life I’ve been Susi.

From as early as I can remember everyone has always called me Susi.

If I heard Susan, I could be fairly certain that I was either in big trouble, at a doctors or in a new class at school.

The beginning of every school year heard the familiar refrain of “It’s Susi!” from my classmates when a teacher called on me with Susan.

Before I even started elementary school every teacher there knew me as Susi — the joys of small town life and living right next to the school.

When I meet new people I introduce myself, you guessed it, as Susi.

It’s just who I am. I identify myself as Susi.

Even my children didn’t realize until they were older that my “real” name is Susan.

To my niece, I’m aunt Susi! ( I quite like that one.) As a preschool teacher I was Miss Susi to the kids in my class.

To everyone around me I’m Susi — the daughter, the sister, the wife, the mother, the friend.

And yes, it’s Susi with an “i” because that’s how it’s spelled in Germany.

The reason I’m writing this is a) to help me clear my mind and b) to let you guys know that I seem to be having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to my blog name.

I just feel like that BocaFrau is not me– anymore or never was — I’m not sure. It seemed a wonderful name when I first started blogging a little over a year ago…

After reading more “Blogging for Dummies” books than I care to count and immersing myself into all things blogging I wanted to get started, get my hands dirty and see what it was all about for myself.

I was throwing around ideas, none of which I can remember today, and none of which I cared for.

Hubby came up with the final name and I liked it. It was short, seemed to say what I needed and it just jived.

Now, I find myself more and more hampered in by the name.

Yes, I live in Boca (Raton) and yes, I am a Frau. (Do you even know what it means?)

Somehow I keep thinking of the word Boca B@#$%! That’s what some women are called in this town for various reasons and I truly don’t think I am one nor do I fit the stereotype — you know, more plastic then real, fake boobs, permanent duck lips, bleached blond hair, and an Amex card with a mile high limit to be spent at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

I much prefer Target and Old Navy. 🙂

I consider myself a happy person, one that looks on the bright (sunny) side of life and always tries to think positive.

I’d rather think the glass is half-full then half-empty.

I like to smile and laugh.

And I like to be Susi.

So, the question is.

Should I go ahead and make the change?

Should I just leave it be and deal with it?

There is some work involved with doing this and I know that.

It’s not something I’m doing lightly.

But it feels like something I need to do… for myself and my blog home.

This is my little corner of the blogosphere and I love it here. Truly.

I’m just not too happy with the name.

I’ve e-mailed a few bloggy friends who have been with me from the beginning and who’s opinion I greatly value.

The majority at this point said “Go for it.” That I should do what feels right and not to worry too much about all the technical stuff.

If I do decide to go ahead I know hubby will be there to help me and make stuff happen. But I want to be sure before I take this step and drive him up the wall!!! 🙂

Any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you guys! For reading, listening and being here.

xo, Susi