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You're the best

March 11, 2012

“Do you want to hold mommy’s hand?”, I ask her. Holding out my hand while the other grips the leash holding the dog. I have the 50 pound one. She holds the leash with the 5 pound dog at the end.

As her small, warm hand reaches for mine, she looks at me with a smile and says “You’re the best.”

My heart melts. As it always does when one of the kids says something so perfect, so out of the blue.

As we walk under the star filled sky, hand in hand, each holding a dog, my world rights itself even if just for that one small space of time.

This is what I remember when I want to yell and tear my hair out because she won’t listen to what I am telling her. When she tries to push mommy over the edge and to the end of her rope.

The monkey hugs. The butterfly kisses and sweet smiles. The I love yous. And the “you’re the bests.”

I know I’m not perfect or the best. But hearing that sweet voice say it, makes me believe that for her I am the best.