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Missing some but not others…

July 9, 2012

Wow. What a day it’s been. Didn’t get much blogging time in today since there were other, more urgent matters I needed to take care of.

For one, I spent most of the day on and off the phone trying to find a tile company/plumber. See, we had a little problem with it raining in our laundry room this weekend.

We called a plumber on Saturday who charged us $200 for less than an hour work and told us that the shower pan was broken and leaking. Duh!

So, today I had to start calling around… not an easy feat, especially when no one picked up at the first four numbers I called. I guess, they have enough work. They haven’t bothered calling me back either.

I have two appointments set up tomorrow and can’t wait to find out how much this little repair/remodel is going to set us back. Wish me luck!

I also had to give my dearest boy a little helping hand cleaning out his pig sty  room. He thought he could just sweep it all under the rug bed, so to speak. But this mommy actually moved the bed so he could clean under it properly. He was not too pleased!!! 🙂 It’s done and his room is clean and sparkling for at least a few weeks. Boys, will be boys.

Let’s not forget the usual cleaning and sweeping and straightening and there you have most of my day.


Enough chatter, time to get a list made.

This week’s listicles was inspired by the late Nora Ephron and her lists in her last book.

What I’ll miss…

1. My kids

2. My hubby

3. My mom

4. My sister

5. The rest of my family

6. Taking walks at twilight

7. Seeing the beautiful sunsets

8. Feeling my toes sink into the hot sand at the beach

9. The ocean and the sound of the waves crashing on shore

10. music, reading, dancing

What I won’t miss…

1. Sweeping up dog hair every day

2. Scrubbing bathrooms

3. Leaky showers

4. Repair men

5. Idiot drivers

6. Ironing

7. Nosy neighbors

8. Raisins

9. Hurricanes

10. Reality TV

Quick and short… I’m too mush brained to go into more detail today!!!

Hope everyone has a great week.

xo, Susi