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I started pinning

February 12, 2012

I took the plunge today and started pinning. On Pinterest. Yes, I finally requested an invite and got one within one day. I would love it if some of you pinners out there could help me along and show me the ropes so to speak. I only have a few boards up but I’m sure that’s going to change soon. I can feel another obsession in the making. I added the handy dandy social button on my sidebar so feel free to follow along with my pins. I would love it!!! 🙂

It’s been a quiet weekend here. The entire household with the exception of Little One was/is under the weather. I hope, she won’t get the same cold bug the rest of us had. All I want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep some more. I haven’t had the will or energy to write up any of the post ideas I have. And the list keeps growing. Instead, I browse around online, checking Facebook, Twitter… and now Pinterest. 🙂

Thanks to Twitter I got the news of Whitney Houston’s untimely death, last night. Middle daughter and I were in the middle of watching our newly acquired DVD of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 when the news hit. At first I wasn’t sure if it was true since one of my Twitter buddies said that ABC news had issued a retraction and said that it was not true. But sadly, it is all too true and the music industry lost a true legend (in my mind) yesterday. R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

I was really looking forward to watching the Grammys tonight as I always have had an affection for award shows. Now, I’m not so sure what to expect. It’ll be a different show for sure. A lot sadder, too. And I’m sure there will be tears rolling down my face tonight.

On a more positive note, I went out Saturday morning with Middle Daughter and bought our copy of the Breaking Dawn DVD. We got the special edition one with a beautifully framed prop flower from the wedding scene. I couldn’t resist. And we sure enjoyed our movie night with popcorn and Twizzlers!!!



Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun

February 2, 2012


Each week Hilary at Feeling Beachie lists 4 statements with blanks for us to fill in. If you would like to help her out with some statements and she uses them… she will make you co-host!!! It’s easy and fun! So come along and join her…

This weeks statements:

1. I never eat ______.

2. I am not a ___ .

3. I think ______ are really weird.

4. Sometimes when I __________ I always wonder if people are ___________.

My answers:

  1. I never eat anything that has raisins in it. They make me gag!
  2. I am not a Pinterest addict, yet. I have not had the guts to look at it because I don’t need to add it to my obsessions when it comes to social media.
  3. I think that people who have every inch of their bodies tattooed are really weird

4. Sometimes when I speak I always wonder if people are understanding my accent.