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Follow Friday… and our first week of summer

June 7, 2012

Another Friday, another week gone by. Our first week of summer over already. This one was for relaxing and hanging at home. Well, except for Middle who went to work with her daddy… and he did put her to work.

I started working on those summer memories and spent time in the pool, mostly with little one. I forgot, how great a 30 minute swim workout feels. I still feel those little tugs and aches the next day… and it tells me I put my body to work and I’m keeping fit!!! I’m sure throwing around 35 lbs of screaming-in-delight child has a little something to do with it,too.

Time now to join Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her fill in fun. Each week she posts four statements with blanks for us to fill in on our own blogs. She is always looking for new statements, sent her some in an e-mail and if she chooses them you may be her next co-host!!!

Here are this weeks statements:

1.       When I ___ I ____

2.       I wish I was ___

3.       If the world is my oyster then _________________

4.       My favorite meal of the day is __________ and the food I think would be my favorite to eat then would be __________

My answers:

1. When I read a good book I get lost in my own little world.

2. I wish I was able to remember more of the French I learned in school and college. I love the language. 

3. If the world is my oyster then my kids are my pearls.

4. My favorite meal of the day is dinner and the food I think would be my favorite to eat then would be a beautiful selection of fresh sashimi. 



Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun #62

May 10, 2012


I’m so excited. It’s Friday again. One day closer to the weekend and time spend with my family that’s visiting from Germany. It’s so good to have them here (well, at my mom’s) but still – close by. My kids adore their great-uncle and love to play and laugh with him. He’s the best. ūüôā

But now time for filling in some blanks. Each week Hilary at Feeling Beachie lists for statements on her blog with blanks for us to fill in on our own. This week I get to be her very happy and excited co-host. The last two statements are from me.

Here are this weeks statements :

1.       In the summer ___

2.       I always ____ when I___

3.       Reading ___  makes me ____

4.       I like to live _______ because  _____

And here are my answers:

1. In the summer I swim pretty much each and every day and live in my flip flops.

2. I always eat Twizzlers  when I watch any of the Twilight movies. (Sometimes even when I read the books.)

3. Reading on my Kindle app makes me really happy. I like it because I can read in bed at night without worrying about having lights on. Just recently made that discovery!

4. I like to live here in Florida because of the weather, being close to the ocean and all that nature here has to offer. 


Skewered Halo {Blog Tour}

April 30, 2012

My friend Brenda Youngerman is a self-published author of 7 books. Her latest novel is Skewered Halo,the only one I have read to date. Something, I want to change. I bought Skewered Halo as a birthday present for myself and I have no regrets.

Brenda writes what she calls Fiction with a Purpose.

Here is what she has to say:

Fiction with a Purpose is what I write. I made a commitment to write novels that will address social issues and have a reader wondering if the stories are real when the last page is read. I also set a goal to have a new book released each year. These are the works – I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

After reading Skewered Halo I can say without a doubt that Brenda succeeded in her commitment to addressing social issues and leaving the reader wondering. Oh yes, did she ever leave me wonder. 

From the book cover:

Why would one sister have it in for the other? Sibling rivalry is taken to the extreme in the breathtaking novel Skewered Halo. 
Diane Newsome is the middle child born into a middle-class family. Her older sister, Brittany, has resented her from the moment she was born. Brittany convinces Diane that she was placed on the doorstep as an unwanted child, and she dare not make a wrong move or she will lose her family.
Years later, when Diane finally tells her parents what Brittany has claimed, they are aghast, yet her mother still sides with Brittany. 
Skewered Halo is a thriller exploring the lies and treachery that can exist in families.
Join Diane as she discovers that her entire life has been a lie, resulting in murder and mayhem. It all enfolds in the dramatically 
enticing Skewered Halo.   
I was so excited when I received Skewered Halo in the mail. Not only was it my first Youngerman novel but Brenda actually signed it for me. How cool is that?
I started reading and soon was sucked into the story. I think, it only took me about three days reading a couple hours each to finish the book. Which is a record for me lately. I have always been an avid reader but since becoming a mom of 3, reading is one of the things that suffered. But I just couldn’t put the book down. One night I read late into the night and needed an extra caffeine boost to make it through the next day. The next night, I was soaking in the tub intend on only reading a chapter or two… but two hours later, the water cold and my skin¬†shriveled¬†beyond recognition, I sat in the tub with my mouth¬†agape¬†and the book finished.
As a big sister myself, I cannot understand and will not ever understand how a human being can be so cruel and mean. My little sister has driven me crazy, made me mad and cry, and want throttle her at times… but never ever have I not loved her deeply.
As a mother of three, the ending left me reeling and heart sick. I still shudder thinking about it.
And there-in lies Brenda’s power with words…
She made me think, made me shudder and ache. She was able to reach deep inside me and hook me with her words.
I cannot wait to read her other novels.
I truly hope, you will hop on over to Brenda’s blog, say hello and order a book or two… or 7!!! You won’t regret it.



Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun

March 8, 2012


It’s Fridayyyyyy. Time to join Hilary at Feeling Beachie for some fill in fun. Each week she posts 4 statements with blanks for us to fill in on our own blog. She is always looking for new statements and if you have some e-mail them to her. You could become her co-host for the hop!!!! ūüôā

This week’s statements are:

1.       Given the choice to do ___ for ____ I would pick ___

2.      When I watch ________ it always makes me want to _____________.

3.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† When I have people over I always make _________, it always knocks ‚Äėem dead!

4.       I always feel like I accomplished something when I __________.

 Here are my answers:

1. Given the choice to do anything for a day I would pick reading a good book and writing posts for my blog without any interruptions!!!

2. When I watch soccer (FIFA Cup) it always makes me want to scream. (I scare my children every 4 years when I watch the FIFA Cup.)

3. When I have people over I always make Susi’s chicken salad, it always knocks ’em dead! (Check under the recipe tab for the recipe!)

4. I always feel like I accomplished something when I manage to put ALL the laundry away and the laundry hamper is empty.



The First…

January 1, 2012

Here is the first post of the new year for me. I feel like I have been gone for days and days… We decided to take a spur of the moment family trip on Friday before ringing in the new year at my mom’s. I had so much fun with the hubby and kiddos this weekend but it’s always good to get back home. I’m hoping to be able to write a post about our weekend tomorrow and make up all the reading and commenting I’ve missed. For now I want to wish all of you a…