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The first hour

May 6, 2012

Last week I took a break from making a list because I joined my friend Brenda for her book blog party. You should check out her new book Skewered Halo. It’s a fantastic read. I’m back to join the list master Stasha for Monday listicles. This weeks topic comes from Stacey of Mothering Moments and her new link up An Hour in a Day. And how cool is it that we can link up this post twice?

So, here goes, the first hour of my day from Monday through Friday… 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM.

1. 6:30 AM I get up, brush my teeth and wash my face.

2. 6:35 AM I sneak into the closet to get dressed.

3. 6:40 AM I start the shower for/ and wake up the boy and lay out his school uniform.

4. 6:45 AM I wake up middle daughter, lay out her uniform and remind her not to dilly-dally (is that a word?).

5. 6:50 AM I go downstairs and head straight for the Keurig and my morning cup of coffee. While that brews, I pack school snacks for the kids.

6. 7:00 AM Start preparing breakfast for the kids and make little one her apple juice. She will have snuck down by now.

7. 7:10 AM I sit for a few minutes, sip my coffee ( Ahhh, bliss.) and check FB, Twitter or my e-mail.

8. 7:15 AM The kids need reminding to finish up their breakfast, put on their shoes and get going.

9. 7:20 AM Little one decides she wants to ride with us so I rush upstairs to get her dressed.

10. 7:30 AM I usher the kids to the car, remind one or the other that it usually helps to have their back-bag on hand and drive to school.

There you have it, the first hour in my day. There is very little variation throughout the school year and we all have gotten used to the routine of it.


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