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Snow White is my favorite princess

June 2, 2012

I love movies.

I love going to the movies.

Always have, always will.

I remember, the summer after senior year, my friends and I went every weekend, sometimes twice. There wasn’t much else to do. So we lost ourselves in the stories told on the big screen.

I still love to lose myself in a good story told on the big screen. Sitting all the way in the back of a darkened theater for 2 hours. The phone turned silent. Only me, Middle, the bag of popcorn we share and the story that’s being told.

Now, I share that love with Middle. She and I go on movie dates all the time.

Some may frown upon me for letting her see PG 13 movies when she isn’t 13,yet. I know, I’m not the only one.

She tells me if and when it is too much.

Last night we had one of our movie dates.

We had been eagerly anticipating the movie. Loved the previews.

And we lost ourselves in the story of the evil Queen, the handsome Huntsman and a butt-kicking Snow White.

I loved the movie from beginning to end. It’s not your typical fairy tale. It has a twist.

Here is a trailer of said movie.

Having seen it, enjoyed it and gone gooey eyed over Chris Hemsworth. (What is it about those Hemsworth brothers?) I will go out and get the Dvd as soon as it is available!!!

And then, we will do movie night at home. On the comfort of our couch, in our darkened living room, with a bowl of popcorn to share!